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Bring Home A Stray

I am not talking about a dog but rather something that could make your home just as warm and inviting.  Stray Dog Designs carries a stellar selection of home furnishings and they have a unique back-story.  Bill Pritchard and Jane Gray were newly-weds in Mexico in 1994 “figuring it out” when they came upon a small, sad looking pup that needed a good home.  They took La Princessa in as their first joint project and things just took off from there.  They started importing pottery to the States and that soon evolved into having a tinsmith bring Jane’s artistic visions to life in the form of lamps, mirrors, urns and other cool stuff.  In 1995 they were very warmly received at the Atlanta Gift Show and the rest, as they say, is history. 

They now live on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee with 3 kids and a houseful of pets which of course includes a former Stray Dog (a Great Dane named Big Girl).  They carry accessories, lighting, furniture and cool holiday stuff.  I would say their style has a Dr. Seusslike quality to it but with a bit of modern polish.  In their words: “Stray Dog Designs’ core design principles are simple: all items are handmade with careful construction from quality and recycled materials, melding quirky charm and true artistry, and providing fair wages for local workers.”  The vivid colors and whimsical shapes are the product of two people who run a company with a lot of heart and soul.


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