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Decorating with Glass Tile



Eli Mechlovitz, president and CEO of, has been in the interior design and tile business his entire life.  Mechlovitz’s business,, features over 300 stylish, unique and high-end mosaic and glass tile designs at budget-friendly prices; perfect for the modern day kitchen backsplash, bath or pool.  For samples and design consultancy, visit them on the web or by calling 1-866-620-TILE.

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Decorating with Glass Tile

By Eli Mechlovitz, Interior Designer and President of

In today’s economy, it’s difficult to budget large amounts of money for “high-end” kitchen, bath and home remodeling projects. For instance, the average cost of a complete kitchen overhaul can be upwards of $40,000. Fortunately, for homeowners still interested in renovating their homes, there is an affordable solution: glass tile. 

For those unfamiliar with glass tile, think of it as a more modern, high-end decorating option as compared to regular tiles.  One of the greatest qualities in glass tile is the uniqueness – it is available in a wide range of colors, designs, textures, shapes and styles.  Unlike ceramic tiles, where color and design are painted directly on the outermost surface, the designs within glass tiles are created underneath the glass, allowing for light-reflecting elegance. 

In addition to being stylish and chic, the glass tile decorating trend is also becoming increasingly popular due to its affordability.  While glass tiles themselves are not inexpensive, when renovating a kitchen or a bath, installing simply an accent or backsplash of glass can completely transform the look of a room. 



A new backsplash or glass tile accent, which can be installed for under $1,000, will effectively transform the entire look of the kitchen.  Instead of purchasing new counters, cabinets and floors, homeowners can invest in a small amount of colorful and artsy glass tile.  If they are creative, and select the most innovative designs, the high-end nature of the tiles will transform the look of their kitchen without emptying their bank accounts.   



Specifically, the most popular glass tile and mosaic styles currently available are fusion blends.  Fusion styles are a mix of glass, stone, marble and metal all in one tile.  By mixing several elements, the tile combines the sophisticated, light-reflecting abilities of glass with the natural and luxurious elements of stone and marble, providing a perfect home décor accent.


Another popular trend is installing statement-making mosaics and designs. When homeowners look to renovate their kitchens or baths, a consideration for most is how to be stylish but standout at the same time.  Homeowners want an interior design that is a conversation piece, one that they cannot find in their neighbor’s house.

As a result, they tend to choose mosaics with an element of rarity to them, like the Circular Motion and Jelly Bean Blends.   With strong and sharp colors to go along with the innovative design, these tile blends will immediately capture the attention of anyone entering the home.


While glass tile is certainly gaining in popularity, consumer awareness of the product and its uses is still relatively low.  While homeowners and interior decorators are constantly looking for the newest styles and chic designs, far too often they ignore glass tiles as a primary decorating option.   Even for those familiar with glass tile, they often underestimate the assortment of uses for the product. 

Those who are in tune with interior design and home décor know that glass tiles and mosaics are an excellent choice for the kitchen or bath.  However, one of the greatest qualities of glass tile is its comprehensive nature – it can be used in more areas than just your kitchen and bath.


Other great areas to use glass tiles include the pool and spa, countertops, fireplaces and mantels.  In some instances, glass tiles can also be installed as a component of flooring, as long as it is not a high-impact or flexible surface.

As an eclectic and powerful home décor element, glass tile has the capability of capturing people’s attention.  So if an expensive kitchen, bath or home overhaul is too pricey of an investment, purchase a glass tile backsplash or accent – it has the potential to create the same luxury look for a lot less money.


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  2. Teresa Says:

    Where can someone buy the circular motion and jelly bean bleand times? I love the circular shapes and want to use them in my new house but can’t find them.


  3. My Design Secrets Says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I found both of those patterns at The Glass Tile Store –
    Good luck with your project. It sounds exciting!

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