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Top Tips for Selecting the Best Bathroom Fixtures

If you have a open bathroom like this, then coordinating fixtures from the same collection is a smart choice.


My clients are very grateful for help when it comes to selecting  fixtures for their bathrooms.  They want to create a custom look  for each bathroom without breaking the bank.  While your bathroom is not the main showplace of your home, it’s a room that almost all your guests will visit and the fixtures are attached the floor so we all respect the cost and semi-permanance of the situation.  If you are selecting plumbing fixtures for your new home or renovation here are some pointers that will give you a custom look that you will be happy with for years to come.

Always Upgrade

An upgrade in plumbing fixtures is more affordable than you think.  Figure out what you are comfortable spending and then see what collections are in your price range.  Many builders and plumbers use the cheapest and most boring toilets available so they can mark them up and make a little cash.  So, do your homework.  There are lots of resources on the web to compare prices.  Now bear in mind that the low prices you see on the web usually mean the fixture is drop shipped to the curb of your home (or inside if you are lucky) and you will have to be home for the delivery.  Look out for hidden cost.  Freight and delivery can be substantial on heavy fixtures and your local showroom may be able to give you a better deal on the total package.  Whoever is doing the leg work deserves a little markup but it should not be outrageous.


Kohler is by far my favorite vendor.  They have a broad selection items that range from the affordable to the extravagant.  They also have great customer service and will readily provide you with parts and instructions if anything needs to be fixed.  You can create an account for yourself with folders for each room.  It’s also easy to browse finishes and search for a product using very specific parameters.  They show all the suggested retail prices so you can ask your local showroom what discount they will give you and then you can figure out your budget at home.  They do not sell  to consumers online but will direct you to a showroom or dealer in your area.


The Memoirs Pedestal Sink has a good basin size and a nice deck to hold purses and makeup.


Fixture Selection


Pedestal Sinks – Pedestal sinks can be very attractive but if you lack additional storage in the room, the extra TP and all the other supplies pretty much ruin the effect.  If you have extra storage and decide to go for a pedestal, make sure it’s one that has a nice size flat rim so Powder Room guests have room to put down their makeup or rest their purse.

Vanity Sinks – I like under-mount sinks best for all types of solid surface countertop material (Granite, Marble, Corian, Recycled Glass).  They look neat and are easy to clean up.  If your countertop is laminate or tile, you are going to need a self-rimming sink which means there will be a edge on the countertop that you need to keep clean.  Vessel sinks are a nice touch for modern bathrooms but I feel they will go out of style fairly soon.  A good size for any sink is at least 16″W x 10″ deep, otherwise you are going to get a lot of extra water on the countertop.


There are so many toilets on the market right now that I could devote an entire post to just that!  You need to consider comfort, flushing technology and the environment and then we get to style!  For our purposes we are going to stick to comfort and style.  One thing I recommend across the board is getting the comfort height and elongated bowl.  The average seat height of a dining chair is 17-18″ but most older styled toilets only have a 14.5″ seat height!   You might think a couple of inches is no big deal but believe me, you will find the comfort height (16.5″H) much better.


Now Kohler offers tubs that blend light, sound, bubbles and sparkling water. A night club in your bathroom!




Your choice is going to depend on a many things including space requirements, whirlpools and accessibility for children and those with disabilities.  In general your choices will be acrylic or cast iron.  Cast iron can run twice the cost of acrylic but it wears like, well..iron.  I purchased an acrylic tub 10+ years ago and it’s done its job but now it has cracked twice and may be beyond repair.  Remember, the cost of replacement is not just the tub, it’s the renovation as well. 

As far as shape goes, some modern tubs are squared off and very sleek looking but our bodies are pretty organic in shape.  Curved tubs are more comfortable and will cradle your body.  If you love a good soak than make sure you do your research.  Oh, and the optional headrest they offer, so worth it!

I hope this got you thinking about the important aspects of selecting new bathroom fixtures and the fact that you should take your time in making decisions.  Chances are you are going to live with these fixtures as long as you are in the house and since they are used each and ever day, they are worth the research and subsequent investment!

Next week we will talk about hardware including faucets, shower-heads, towel bars and more!


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