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Perfect Pillows for Homes with Kids & Pets


Pottery Barn has a really great collection of pillows that coordinate but don't look too matchy.


Could your sofa use an update?  Yep, mine too.  Yet your pillows may be suffering from so much kid and pet abuse, that you hesitate to buy new ones. Since it’s my job is to help you create a beautiful home (no matter how many of your family members are working against you ;-) )  I have a great solution.  Outdoor pillows.  They’ve come so far in style and texture that they’ve earned a spot right there on your living room sofa.  So scoot over and make some room!

Once upon a time, no one had outdoor pillows. It seemed a bit too luxurious.  You were lucky if you got a measly 1″ cushion to soften the seat on an outdoor metal dining chair while you enjoyed a burger. But by the 80′s Sunbrella fabric made the scene. Previously, a fabric used only for boats and awnings; they took its best qualities and prettied it up!  So we had durable outdoor fabric that resisted fading, mildew and water.  A great step in the right direction, expect the original Sunbrealla fabrics had a bit of a scratchy feel to them and they only offered the typical outdoor patterns…. chunky stripes, dark solids and ridiculously outdated florals….yawn.

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Fast forward 25 years and there’s been a huge shift to outdoor living and with that, updated fabrics that are gorgeous, durable AND comfy.  Sunbrella, as well as other vendors, offer printed and woven patterns that are great indoors and out.  They can stand up to PB&J, a little dog drool and a lot of abuse. Plus they are machine washable or can easily be spot cleaned.  The other cool update that makes them more “homey” looking are the colorful fringes and braid trims.  A designer detail that I apply to every custom pillow. There are lots of pillows that are ready to throw on your sofa or if you are handy, you can purchase the fabric and make just about anything including draperies and upholstery.  Check out the gallery up top for some inspiration and the links below for sources.  

Have fun! – lots of great fabrics to do your own thing

Crypton Fabric – Super durable fabrics with William Wegman fabrics.

Pottery Barn

Grandin Road


Ballard Designs -great choice of pattern, size & trims/

West Elm

World Market

Etsy had 972 results for outdoor pillows and many styles.



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2 Responses to “Perfect Pillows for Homes with Kids & Pets”

  1. The Sunbrella Team Says:

    Lorrie, we’ve come a long way from the days of a small collection of solids and stripes. We’ve got velvets, chenilles and more, all fit for outside or inside the home.

    And there is no better way to quickly change the look of a room than a change of pillows.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. My Design Secrets Says:

    Happy to include Sunbrella! I use you fabrics in my own home and they are fabulous. Thanks for updating me on the options!

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