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5 Ways You Can Add Value and Style to Your Home


Small Budget Ideas That Add Big Value and Style to Your Home

Post contributed by Lucy Massey on behalf of Empire Carpet.

If you have a small budget and big home renovation dreams, start with a handful of small projects to add value and style to your home without overspending.


1.  Upgrade the Flooring in Key Rooms

The first way to add value and style to your home is to upgrade the flooring in one or more key rooms of your home. Keep costs down by working in one room at a time, or renovate several areas to bring a consistent look and feel through different rooms.

When deciding on what type of flooring to install, consider the ages of all your family members, the climate where you live, and your preferences for color and easy maintenance. Families with youngsters may fare better with hard surfaces such as wood, tile or laminate (especially if someone has allergies or asthma). Rainy or snowy climates are hard on carpets, and tiling high traffic areas may lead to dingy-looking grout lines. Rich colors are available in almost all types of flooring, but carpet offers a rainbow of hues you won’t find in natural materials.



2.  Update Drawer and Cabinet Hardware Throughout Your Home

You’ll feel as though you’ve done a whole house remodel if you simply replace every drawer pull and door knob throughout your home all at once. Splurge a little in the most-used rooms such as the kitchen and main bathrooms, and get more basic streamlined hardware for out of the way storage areas like medicine cabinets. Don’t replace the original knobs on your antiques, however; that would reduce the value of the piece.

Donate your old hardware to the local thrift shop or Habitat For Humanity Restore to keep these items out of the landfill and help another homeowner out.


3.   Add Efficient Storage to One or Two Closets

Built in storage units for closets can cost more than a few pennies. You realize they’re worth the money when your things are neat and organized, though. Do one closet at a time and you’ll conserve your home remodeling budget.

Turn a hall closet into a pantry. Or, turn a hall closet into an extension of your master bedroom’s clothes closet. You don’t even need to convert a present space into something else; sometimes just pulling everything out, installing a sensible system and returning items to the space frees up an amazing amount of room.


4.   Splash Color Around

New color adds a breath of fresh air to mundane rooms, and colorful accessories rarely cost an outrageous amount. Change them out seasonally or when you grow tired of the new look.

Curtains, rugs and throw pillows are easy to change and bring joyful color into your rooms. Get a whole new set of bath towels and retire or donate the old ones. Framed prints or paintings can establish a whole new theme. Accessories such as candles and knick knacks are usually colorful and fun and add that last expert touch to your decorating style.


5.   Take It Easy on Your Budget and Yourself
New flooring gives you the biggest impact for your home remodeling dollar, by far. Smaller projects like updating your hardware, installing closet systems, and spreading fresh splashes of color throughout your spaces are fairly easy DIY projects that can be accomplished in less time.

Look around: the possibilities for updating your home are endless. Add value and style to your home with each project and you’ll soon have the home of your dreams.

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    dining table size for 8×8 room

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    Beautiful and very inspiring ideas!

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    I would go with a round table – 48″ will allow you a good amount of space all around!
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