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4 Steps to Creating a Modern Interior

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Modern furnishings add simple sophistication and interest to any room. The clean lines, fresh colors and simple details are very pleasing to the eye.  In recent years we have seen very heavy traditional looks emerge from the major furniture manufacturers.  I feel that the Modern style is a welcome change. 

Today I am going to highlight some of the great modern pieces I have spotted in My Secret Database as well as give you some guidelines on how to add the Modern Style to your own home.

  1. Jump In- Select one modern piece that appeals to you and you will be on your way.  Don’t be intimidated by mixing traditional with modern.  Think of it as a piece of artwork that is an accent in your room.
  2. Look for Quality – Some people may think that buying modern furniture is going to cost them less money because the pieces are not as intricate or heavy.  This is simply not so.  Because the pieces are simpler, flaws are harder to hide.  Make sure the pieces have a high quality finish, hardwood elements(nothing is made of fiberboard – like drawer bottoms or the back of the piece) and that nothing creaks or wobbles when you sit on it.
  3. Seek Antiques – Most people do not think of antiques when they think of modern furniture, yet there are many mid-century modern pieces that are very popular these days.  From newly made reproductions to antiques on eBay and 1st Dibs, you can discover a high-quality piece and start your own collection.
  4. Start with Art, Lighting or Accessories- Test the waters with something small but noticeable.  In my home, the most modern element is the artwork and I really love it.  Modern paintings and photos with simple black frames add a bold accent to your room.

So whether you have always been a fan of the Modern style or if you are considering your first piece, I am confident that with a keen eye and the tips above you will find the perfect addition to your home.

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Expert Solutions for Country & Casual Decorating

Friday, June 27th, 2008

A inviting room with a nautical touch from Williams-Sonoma Home.  The trunk does double duty as a coffee table and storage space.

This is week #3 in our Style Series and it’s time to take a peek at the Country & Casual Style.  This style is very popular because it is easy to interweave decorative selections with lifestyle necessities.  It ranges from a casual/modern look to a very country look, and everything in between.  The important thing is that the look is easy, informal and welcoming.


Side tables are the perfect opportunity to show off your personality with some color and style.  This red lacquer side table from Eboniste would do any sofa proud.

Some of the hallmarks of this well-liked style are: The beautiful and comfy sofa that is kid and pet-friendly.  The perfect painted finish on your dining room table that seems to look better with age and a little Elmer’s glue.  The plush throw pillows that are great companions for movie watching but also add just the right spark of color to the room. 

This is the balance you can achieve with the Country & Casual Style.  Here are some tips that will get you going in the right direction:

Good Foundation- Flooring is important for durability and aesthetics. If you are replacing your flooring, then laminate wood floors are great, but my top choice is pre-engineered hardwood; if your budget allows.  You will love these floors for years to come and they do a great job of hiding dirt, hair, etc…  Area rugs add cushion for walking/sitting/crawling on the floor and color and style to compliment the look.  Purchase something that has a little bit of a rustic look to it.  Not too pristine or shiny with this style.

Investment Pieces - Start with solid pieces of furniture that can withstand wear and tear.  The sofas, chairs, coffee and dining tables are critical.  My advice… When purchasing furniture, invest in the best quality upholstery that you can afford.  The extra years you will get out of the pieces will be well worth the additional investment!  Pick the sofa or chair with the arm and leg you like best.

Lighting should be functional and attractive.  This brass lamp from Eboniste mixes the old brass and glass stacked balls with a modern shade to keep it fresh.

Light it up – Have you ever walked into a room where the glare from the overhead light is just overwhelming?  Lighting adds a fantastic decorative touch to any room.  But don’t forget that a balance of the three types of lighting is important.

  • General Lighting - Provides good overall light in the room.  Eg: Overhead fixtures and recessed lights.
  • Task Lighting – Provides light for specific tasks like reading or sewing. Eg: Table and Floor Lamps.
  • Ambient/Accent Lighting – Gives the room a dramatic feel by highlighting certain areas.  Eg: Sconces and pendant fixtures.

Decorative Touches – The Country & Casual style really shines by showing off the character and personality of your family.  Throw pillows, fun picture frames, and accessories allow you to surround yourself with items that support your interests.  They also give your visitors some insight into your individual taste.

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Styles that Suit You Perfectly

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Home Design TV shows, catalogs and websites feature new colors, trends and furnishings each and every day. There is such a wide variety of beautiful interior design styles out there.  How do you commit to just one? The short answer is…you don’t have to!

Maybe you want a classic rug with a modern coffee table or an exotic painting hung over a casual sofa.  With My Design Secrets, you can search for each item in a particular style.  Ah, sweet freedom!

Many of our returning visitors use the What’s My Style? section at My Design Secrets and find it very helpful.   As you peruse my descriptions, you will undoubtedly recognize yourself in at least one or two decorating styles.  Keep that in mind when you go to search for a specific item on the site.  Check out the companies that offer the style(s) that best suit your home.  It’s as simple as that.  You have the vision and you know what you like, I am just here trying to simplify the shopping process for you.

For the next seven weeks I am going to highlight one of My Styles and a vendor that carries products in that Style. 

Today’s Feature:  Antique & Restoration.

Your family knows where you are on the weekend. You love to look for the hidden stories of the past to surround yourself and those you love today. The styles vary with the generations and are commonly accented with accessories of fine china, rare collections and gorgeous woodworking detail. Your passion for home restoration is most likely an ongoing project and your search for period lighting, hardware, and tapestries are often rewarded with the “perfect find”.


 All items shown from Van Dyke’s Restorers

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